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Daltons Decorative pebble (Fine)

Daltons Fine Decorative Pebble

Often called, Waikato fleck or Hoki Poki

Available Quantities:
Bulk and 15L bags.




Daltons Fine Decorative Pebble can be used as an easy care, low maintenance garden, path or driveway finish. Can also be used as a pot topper or for certain drainage situations.


Daltons Fine Decorative Pebble is a rounded pumice stone of various rustic and earthy tones. It is a screened, clean washed product produced through the land mining and processing of sand from the ancient Waikato river bed.

Features and Benefits:

  • Produced in New Zealand
  • Hard wearing
  • Safe to use around acid loving plants and pond areas
  • Easy care and low maintenance
  • Improved soil moisture retention
  • Highlights special areas.
  • Great In natural paving pebble locking sheets
  • Available from:

    Silverdale, Mt Wellington & Matamata

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