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Arborist Tree Mulch
NZ $65.00

Arborist Tree Mulch


Super value and good results

Available Quantities:
Bulk and bags (Bags approx 15L).


Tree Mulch – Arborists Chip


Ground cover, weed suppression, moisture retention.. The physical nature of this mulch makes it suitable for sloping areas exposed to the elements.

To suppress weeds, retain moisture and improve microbial activity. Keeps soil cooler in summer and warmer in winter.


Tree Mulch is an economical alternative for large mulching projects. It is a tree arborists chip and although we do know from time to time what plants and trees have been shreaded we cannot guarantee what is in the product, what it looks like or how aged it is. Tree Mulch is suitable for large landscaping projects requiring a natural look. Also ideal for exposed or sloping sites.

Acting as a protective blanket, it prevents soil moisture from evaporating during long dry periods and reduces weed growth by making conditions unfavourable for germination. As a mulch, it also stimulates a natural increase of soil microbes and earthworms which are beneficial in developing strong and healthy root systems.

Features and Benefits:

  • An economical alternative to bark mulch
  • An environmentally friendly organic mulch option
  • Reduces watering and suppresses weeds
  • Forms a knitted barrier between the soil and the environment
  • Encourages microbial and worm activity
  • Natural looking
  • Provides an environment to promote healthy root systems
  • Helps to keep soil at healthy temperatures, i.e. warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Helps retention of moisture in the soil
  • Available from:

    Silverdale & Mt Wellington

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