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Daltons Garden Mix
NZ $125.00

Daltons Garden Mix

NZ's leading Garden Mix.... Is this the best standard planting mix on the market? You be the judge!

Available Quantities:
Bulk and bags (40L).


For the revitalising of existing gardens, construction of new gardens, filling of planter boxes and creating raised garden beds. Also ideal for planting new trees and shrubs. Excellent for roses. Highly recommended as a mulch and feed application.


Daltons Premium Garden Mix is blended from composted organic materials and Daltons 3mm pumice. It contains a full blend of fertilisers including natural gypsum, 3-4 month controlled release fertiliser and a wetting agent for improved water dispersion throughout the mix. These balanced fertilisers provide immediate as well as continuous, safe supply of nutrients to ensure superior gardening results. Daltons Premium Garden Mix is perfect for all gardens where bigger, better and healthier plants are a must.


  • A complete planting mix
  • 100% weed-free
  • Contains Gypsum for improved soil structure
  • Contains 3-4 months complete nutrient supply
  • Made from sustainable and renewable resources
  • Contains Daltons 'Grower's Choice' wetting agent for efficient re-wetting and water usage
  • Contains New Zealand Pine Bark Fines and Fibre.

Product Tip:

Any Garden Mix surplus to requirements after planting etc makes an excellent ground cover mulch, which helps to maintain moisture and coolness over the hot summer months, promotes worm activity and helps suppress weeds.

Available from:

Silverdale, Mt Wellington, Mt Maunganui & Matamata

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