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NZ $69.00

NZ Macrocarpa Sleepers


Top quality NZ landscape Sleepers!

Available Quantities:
Individual lengths or ask us about our pack rates


Great for raised gardens, garden edging or low retaining walls.


NZ new fresh cut macrocarpa landscape sleepers.
The dimensions are approximately:
2.1m long x 200mm x 100mm 

Features and Benefits:

  • Great for that modern look in your garden but still with a rustic flavour
  • Untreated so very popular for raised vege gardens
  • Add value to your property by using long lasting quality products
  • Ask about our bulk buy pack rates
  • We can organise a Hiab delivery for you
  • Other sizes are available on request
  • They give a very different look to the genuine article and can give a very moderen edge for your garden.

Tip: Use these to make raised vegetable gardens. For the best results fill your planters up with Daltons Garden Mix. After all you want your veges to grow!


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