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Daltons Lawn Soil
NZ $145.00

Daltons Lawn Soil

It is simple......Lawn soil at its very best!

Available Quantities:
Bulk and 30L bags


Ideal for the sowing of new lawns, preparation for hydro-seeding and the laying of instant lawn, patching and top-dressing of existing lawns. It also works well as a soil revitaliser in vegetable or flower gardens.


Daltons Lawn Soil is a manufactured growing media especially designed for New Zealand’s unique grass growing conditions. This is a consistent, nutrient rich and friable product that is weed free and has great free draining properties. Its unique blend of ingredients ensures consistent performance. A manufactured and screened weed free soil used extensively in the turf and landscaping industries, due to it’s ease of handling and excellent growth properties. It is a blend of loamy clay sub-soil, a blend of mushroom compost and chicken manure, and Daltons No.2 Sand added to a fine aged bark. Daltons Lawn Soil is free draining and open with a high organic content providing excellent water holding properties and germination.

Features and Benefits:

  • Contains organic matter that provides good water holding properties
  • A manufactured soil that ensures establishment of great lawns
  • Weed and lump free
  • Used extensively in the landscape industry
  • For new lawns or patching existing lawns.
Available from:

Silverdale, Mt Wellington, Mt Maunganui & Matamata

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