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Shell (out of stock)

Crushed Shell OUT OF STOCK

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Out of stock, the supplier has ongoing resource consent issues with this product so we have no eta... Our advice would be to check out our other decorative options.

If shell becomes available again in the future our website will be updated.....


Crushed Shell has practical uses for pathways and in garden areas, display areas and petanque courts.


A clean, attractive, washed and screened product. It gives a nautical feel to any garden setting.

Features and Benefits:

  • A clean, washed grade
  • Easy to handle
  • Great for petanque courts
  • A natural alternative to pebble.
  • Available from:

    Out of stock until further notice

Something you may not have thought about is Shell as a safety warning product. Great to use down the side of a house as a pathway. Why? Because shell crushes when you walk on it so you can hear people coming!

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