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NZ $120.00

Sand - Propogation #2 coarse

Daltons Washed Propagation Sand (No.2)

Available Quantities:
Bulk and 15L bags


Used widely in the building industry under paving stones. Also used in sand filters, rain gardens and wherever a coarse, evenly graded sand is required.


A unique by-product from our own quarrying operation producing washed sand for the concrete industry. Daltons Washed Sand (No.2) is a 3mm hard sharp sand containing silica and feldspars. It is free from weed seeds and pathogens because of its land mined origin. Proven and recommended by leading nurseries for propagation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Washed and screened
  • 100% clean and contaminant free
  • A good sharp propagating media
  • Weed and disease free.

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