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Railway Sleepers

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NZ Macrocarpa Sleepers

NZ New Macrocarpa Landscape Sleepers

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Australian Hardwood Sleepers (Unused)

Australian Hardwood Sleepers (Unused)

Awesome Quality!!! Aussies loss is NZ's gain!

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New un-used sleepers in stock now!


The shortage of good quality used sleepers has led us to a new source and a new product.

Yes... They are Genuine Australian Hardwood Sleepers

Yes.. They are the reaL deal..... the real thing

Yes.. They could well be the best quality Australian Hardwood Sleepers to come into NZ

Yes.. They have a semi - rustic appearance

Yes... They will last a lifetime

They are brand new unused sleepers!

Due to them being slightly imperfect timber they have been rejected by the rail company, so there loss is your gain!!! They do not have any pre-drilled holes in them but if you really want to you could do this yourself to create a perfect sleeper with the used look.

These will also be great for furniture making, cabinet and internal woodwork.

Approx dimensions 2.1m long x 110mm x 230mm.

If you are looking for a NZ New Macrocarpa Landscape Sleeper, we have these too.