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High Polished Black
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High Polished Black

Whether you are using these for an entire garden, a Pathway, a feature area or on top of a pot, these pebbles are absolutely awesome!!!

Our High Polished pebbles have been polished twice as long as a normal polished, giving them a beautiful almost "varnished" look.

Our High Polished Black comes in 4 different sizes


We offer them in two convenient bag sizes:
10kg $24
20kg $40

We also have a range of other High Polished, Normal Polished and White Marble available.

We also have some 1tn bulk bags at a bulk price! (please contact us for availability of this product in a bulk bag)

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High Polished Mixed

High Polished Mixed

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Normal Polished Tiger

Polished pebbles with "Tiger Stripes"

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