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Bags Versus Bulk


Should I buy product in bags or bulk?

We sell products in both bags and bulk.

Many businesses do promotions on multiple bag buys, and sometimes this can be a good deal on bag rates, but is it really a good deal compared with purchasing in bulk?

A common promo you see is:

4 Bags (generally 40L bags) of compost for $30 ($7.50 per bag)
Now let's compare this to puchasing in bulk.

1m3 of Compost in 40L bags = 25 bags @ $7.50 per bag = $187.50m3 in bags
1m3 of our Daltons Compost = $99m3 in bulk

Another comparison

3 bags of Garden Mix for $30
1m3 of Garden Mix in 40L bags = 25 bags @ $10 per bag = $250m3 in bags
1m3 of our Daltons Garden Mix = $110m3 in bulk


So when should I Buy in Bags?

  • Bags are a convenient way of purchasing our products.

  • If you only require a small amount of product they are an easy way to do this.

  • Bags are easy to deal with when you get home, simply get the bag to where ever you need the product cut the bag open and you are done.

  • Bags are an easy way to deal with product if you don't have a wheelbarrow

  • If you don't have a towbar and don't want a delivery truck to deliver.

When should I purchase Bulk?
Always try to buy in bulk if you require over .25m3.....
You will save $$$




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